Below The Kowhai

Below The Kowhai

Nau mai haere mai! Welcome!

I started my sewing journey when I was just a young girl, sewing up chalk erasers, pyjamas and eventually dresses throughout my schooling years.

When I was out of school, my Nana gifted me her old sewing machine. She told me stories of learning to tailor her husband’s and children’s clothes. Her neighbour taught her while they drank tea together and poured over patterns. When “going shopping” with the girls meant to the local haberdashery shop to find a new buckle or accessory to sew. It sounded so nostalgic, and I was transported back to a time when life was simpler, when we used our hands and created, and saw the fruits of our labour.

I have been sewing on my Nana Vera’s sewing machine ever since, and I was newly inspired when my girls came along. I created quilts, coats and dresses for them. It brought me so much joy to see them wearing clothes that I had handmade!

I discovered it was a relief to spend my time creating something that had a purpose and a finish to it. So much of mothering is continuous tasks that never seem to end (can I get an amen?!). But, as I sewed, I could create and finish something and feel pride and purposeful in that. I soon realised I needed that outlet in my life and so spent more time at the sewing machine learning new skills.

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