Jeanne - Founder and President

Jeanne grew up in a family of 10. She spent countless hours watching her mom draft patterns on newspapers, making anything from stunning evening gowns with matching shoes to winter coats to keep everyone warm. Around the age of 5, she would make doll dresses she would trade with her friends for a few minutes on a bicycle or for treats she didn't have at home. She had a hard time finding sewing jobs because she looked so young so she told her first boss she specialized in jeans alterations because she saw that the current seamstress had a pile of jeans waiting to be altered next to her sewing machine. Without a penny to buy new topstitching thread, she salvaged the precious yellow thread, fixed everything and did such a great job that she got the contract for all the jeans alterations in town! 

After a few years of people asking how to make swimsuits, underwear, t-shirts and hats, she decided to start teaching from home. After a few months, over 100 students came on a weekly basis to watch and learn her techniques in the humble sewing studio of the family home basement. The students started asking for patterns, which is what sparked the Jalie idea.

More than three decades later, Jalie patterns are sold all over the world. We have loyal fans everywhere who share the same passion for sewing that Jeanne inherited from her mother. Jeanne still designs all patterns, sews prototypes and is the Jalie photographer. She is the heart and soul of Jalie and inspires everyone who has the chance to see her work her magic behind a sewing machine.v

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