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Mesh Banners


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Come rain or shine, Mesh Banners will stay put. In fact, the mesh format of these banners reduce resistance to strong winds, meaning they are less likely to flap, billow or fly away, making them the ideal choice, whatever the weather. They come complete with hems and eyelets for easy application, and are UV resistant.

  • Printed using inks suitable for schools and hospital use.
  • Printed on a 300gsm mesh banner.
  • Vibrant inks stay bright with UV resistance

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Quantity: 2

Size: 6' x 4'

These are the product templates for Banners please note that there is a 35mm hem on both the eyelets sides which will be turned over, also don't forget a quiet space around the banner.

4' x 2' PVC Banner 6' x 2' PVC Banner
6' x 4' PVC Banner 7' x 2' PVC Banner
8' x 2' PVC Banner 8' x 3' PVC Banner
10' x 2' PVC Banner 10' x 3' PVC Banner
11' x 3' PVC Banner 12' x 4' PVC Banner
2000mm x 1000mm PVC Banner 3000mm x 1000mm PVC Banner