We started life as a drawing office services provider then started printing drawings for our clients and local businesses, soon we were printing posters and scanning caving maps (some 3m long)! Those caving maps can now be viewed on a website which the rescue services access, something we are pleased to be involved with.



2012 was an eventful year for us, in March 2012 we open up to find we had been broken in to, with two of the doors broken in half the worst of it we found ourselves being very lucky, nothing was stolen or vandalised, just mindless criminal activity. Lesson number one review your 'what if' scenarios.

In June 2012 while on holiday in Spain I received a call to say we had had a fire, 'how bad is it' I said.  I found that it was mostly smoke damage which needed a good clean up, unfortunately the shop downstairs was gutted.  This put us out for 3 months.  Lesson number 2 review your 'what if' scenarios!

After this mishap we have seen our business grow with a vengeance and this led us to rename the reprographics side to Dotty Print. Our aim is to provide the very best service and deliver quality products, people seem to like it?

During our smoke ridded period we helped send a young, up and coming table tennis star to China for 2 weeks training, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for her.  Her name is Kate Nixon, watch out for her in the next Olympics!

More to follow.....