Sew Over It

Here you will find a selection of the patterns from Sew Over It

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1940s Wrap Dress 3A0
Alex Shirt & Dress 2A0
Anna Coat 3A0
Betty Dress 4A0+Options
Blossom Top 3A0
Camille Jumpsuit 3A0
Cape 3A0
Carrie Trousers 2A0
Charlotte Dress 3A0
Chloe Coat 4A0
Clara Blouse 2A0
Coco Jacket 1A0
Cocoon Coat 3A0
Cowl Neck Dress 2A0 2017
Dana Dress 3A0
Doris Dress 2A0
Edie Top 2A0
Ella Blouse 2A0
Elsie Dress 3A0
Emma Top 2A0
Emmeline Skirt 2A0
Erin Skirt 1A0
Eve Dress 3A0
Florence Dress 2A0
Full Circle Skirt 2A0
Hackney Shirt 2A0
Heather Dress 2A0 2017
Heidi Dress 3A0
Kate Dress 4A0
Kimono 2A0
Lea Dress 2A0
Lizzie Skirt 3A0
Lucia Top 1A0
Marguerite Dress 2A0
Mia Jeans 1A0
Molly Top & Dress 2A0
Nancy Dress 2A0
Penny Dress 2A0
Phoebe Dress 1A0
Poppy Playsuit 2017 3A0
Pussy Bow Blouse 1A0
Sasha Trousers 2A0
Silk Cami 2017 NEW-8.20 1A0
Susie Blouse 2A0
Tulip Skirt 1A0
Ultimate Culottes 2A0
Ultimate Pencil Skirt 1A0
Ultimate Pencil Skirt 2017 1A0
Ultimate Pyjamas 2A0
Ultimate Shift Dress 2A0
Ultimate Shirt 2A0
Ultimate Trousers 1A0
Ultimate Wrap Dress 2018 1A0
Ultimate Wrap Dress 2A0
Vintage Shirt Dress 2A0
Zoe Dress 2A0