Paprika Patterns

Paprika Patterns

Paprika Patterns is a two person company, originally founded in the Netherlands. Lisa designs and drafts the patterns, Stef builds and designs the website.

Our patterns are designed with a busy woman in mind. She doesn’t want to feel restricted by what she’s wearing, she needs to be able to move around. Whether she is meeting with friends in the city or feeding the chickens in the backyard, she wants comfort and style. Her clothes are her way to express her individuality. The general design of her garments has comfort as its premise, while the design elements make her feel unique and edgy.

Paprika Patterns strives to keep designs clean and try to find the most clever construction techniques that can save you time, or give the garment a nice finish. The patterns are drafted and graded by Lisa. Sebas van den Brink designed the Paprika Patterns style and Stef has built the website.


You must have purchased a PDF pattern from the designer to order the printed copy from us - click on the logo to visit the designer.

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