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A Board Accessories


Here you will find parts that will bring your A Board back to life.  We have hanger clips, replacement boards and more....

Please note the hanger clips are in packs of 2.

Swinger Aluminium Panels:

Rounded corners for safety.
Plain white. Full printing service is included in this cost!

Swinger Poster Pockets:

Top opening poster pockets for quick and easy poster change.
Self-closing magnetic seals with virtually no risk of poster loss. 
Excellent weather resistance. 
Available with black or white borders as standard. 
Full printing service onto blueback paper is included in this cost!

D-Flex Panel Hangers:

Unique patented 'shock absorbing' design optimises panel and sign life.
High performance self lubricating plastic eliminates corrosion and panel wear, unlike steel hangers.
Provides safe finger clearance between frame and panel when carrying.

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