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I’m full of ideas. I would even say they’re good ideas. I have a hundred ideas for every hour of the day. But the day only comes with 24 hours and a person needs time to eat and sleep (and drink coffee). So that leaves me with notebooks that are bursting, ink pens that are all empty(seriously, where are all of my ink pens??), and the biggest dreams I can imagine. I’m Jennifer Getter, owner and designer for Stitch Upon a Time.

Stitch Upon a Time started out as an idea, and then a dream in a ten-year-old’s mind. At the time, I changed my future profession plans every 6 months, so there was no evidence that this one was going to stick. It wasn’t until ten years later, in a McDonald’s lobby on a borrowed laptop, that the dream began to flourish. Except that the dream wasn’t *quite* what Stitch Upon a Time has actually become. I wanted to make money sewing. Who wouldn’t want to make money doing what they love? But the only way I could imagine that was with being a tailor. Never mind that I LOATHE doing alterations…I currently have a pile of the family’s clothes that need alterations that have been stacking up for years. Luckily, a good idea led Stitch Upon a Time in another direction.

Please take a look at the ‘free’ section of the shop, select a pattern you’d like to try, and give it a go! If you get stuck or have any questions, you can email me or ask in our community of over 30,000 members.

To find out more about me and search for sewing patterns please click the logo.



OK so you've bought a PDF pattern from your favourite designer and need it printed out, then you've come to the right place.


Don't worry if your pattern is not listed just send us the PDF pattern by email and we will add it to the list and let you know.

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We got such good service from Dotty Print, above and beyond what you'd get elsewhere. They printed, resized, edited and reprinted various things for our wedding, working well into the evening as it was urgent. All this whilst they were moving offices. We were really appreciative and couldn't recommend them highly enough. Lovely people and a great service.
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