• A4 & A3 Encapsulation

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  • Gloss Finish

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  • For Larger Sizes See Laminating

What is Encapsulation?

Encapsulation means applying a thin layer of plastic on both sides to paper or card to protect it. Lamination is one sided and encapsulation is two sided which coats and protects the whole document making it stronger and giving it added structure.

Why Encapsulate Your Documents?

Lamination is used for many items to make them long-lasting and/or re-usable, for example menus, posters, signs, certificates, photos, important documents. It’s also perfect for any printed resourses such as signs, posters, A-boards and notices which are to be used outside as the laminated surface makes it more durable. Laminating a document will also keep it clean, tear and wrinkle free, prevents folding and protects from moisture or spills.

IMPORTANT – Due to the nature of the process we accept no responsibility for any mistakes, we make every effort to ensure the process is carried out to the highest standards but mistakes can happen and therefore it is done at the customers risk.